06 mars 2017

Go live chaos

From: Product manager
Mailto: ALL
"The signs have not arrived! We cannot go live!"

Helvete. Jaga tryckeriet. Får tag i fel personer. Ingen får tag i rätt person. Fler kopplas in på cc. Hittar rätt.

From: Me
Mailto: ALL plus some more
"Shipment located, has already arrived at some sites, will arrive at all in a few hours."


From: Product manager
Mailto: ALL again
"Never mind, the payment screens haven't been updated, some technical error. We cannot go live anyway."


From: Product manager
Mailto: ALL and some more printing people
"But OK, for the sites where we HAVE the delivery we are still missing an important format".

Printer: "But you didn't order that size"

Helvete. Rotar mail. Datum, tidsskillnader. Vad var klockan här när den var morgon där? Jag vet att jag beställde detta...

From: Me
Mailto: ALL plus even more printing people. Attachment: Old email with order list.
Here is the order. As you can see there is another format (HA!).

Printer: "We'll sort it!"


From: Product manager
Mailto: Not quite ALL this time
"Ummm we missed something. The information on the sign does not match the product. Sorry about that. We need to change some things in the design."

Morr igen.

From: Me
Mailto: I have no idea anymore but they seem to be the right people
"Ok peeps, let's sort this! Here's how we'll do it!"

Och därmed dags att lämna den här torktumlaren och gå hem. Vad som händer resten av den här go-live-dagen tänker jag inte lägga mig i.
Idag kommer Sivan!

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